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About Us

We are a well-established recruitment Agency based in Walsall. As a member of the REC we are truly committed to treating everyone as equal regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity etc.

We understand that that employees must be paid fairly regardless of their differences and ensure we abide by the Equality Act and Equal Pay Act and demonstrate that we do not discriminate.

Legislation now requires us, as a business of more than 250 employees, to report on any differences in average pay between males and females for a period including snapshot data 5th April 2023.

Please see below results of our data analysis for this time period, further comments and actions for the future that we as a business will take to continue to improve our results.

Gender Pay Gap Data

Hourly Rates

Men’s mean hourly rate is 10.8% lower than women’s.

Men’s median hourly rate is the same as women’s.

Gender Pay Gap Results

Bonus Pay

4.2% of women received bonus pay.
1.1% of men received bonus pay.
Women’s mean bonus pay is 20% higher than men.
Women’s median bonus pay is 71.5% lower than men.

I confirm, on behalf of Tudor Employment Agency Limited, that the data published is accurate to the best of my knowledge and all calculations have been reviewed thoroughly. The figures have been calculated using the mechanisms set out in the gender pay gap reporting legislation.


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Sally Churm



Discussion of our results

All workers regardless of gender are paid a rate specified by our clients. As such workers doing identical roles are paid the same rate regardless.

The results are slightly skewed as the data includes our temporary workforce and our permanent members of staff.

The majority of our temporary workers, as you can see from the quartile analysis, are male. The temporary roles on offer are mainly warehouse based and these jobs are favoured by males as we struggle to find female workers that wish to perform these roles. This is a problem seen by other businesses in the recruitment sector.

Moving Forwards

Whilst we are performing better than the national average in terms of the gender pay gap, we will always strive to improve as a business. We are committed to encouraging more females into the temporary roles we have on offer. The bonus structure will be reviewed in the coming months to improve the balance of payments received between females and males. We look forward to hopefully seeing improvements in our annual reports in the future.


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