I am writing to you for a honest review about Tudor Employment more specifically one of your employees or should I say one of your elite employees.

It goes without saying that when it comes to our employees/colleagues we always strive for them to go above and beyond, perhaps even dare to say shoot for the stars and aim for the moon.

Well in this case Gina Machin has not only flown past Jupiter and Mars with her exceptional skills, but her commitment, dedication and most important her use of being empathetic is astonishing. time after time Gina has proven to be a superstar. I understand it is the job for recruiters to find candidates for their roles, however I strongly believe that Gina has gone miles on end to help me through my journey.

One thing I can never truly never thank her for is when I was on an assignment and felt unwell for such a time period she understood this and rather than caring about the job itself, she looked more into how I was feeling and gave me the support I required.

I understand she has many other candidates, but this particular candidate she has helped and supported more than any other agencies that I have spoken with and we are talking with the likes of ****** ****, ***** ***** and dare I say ************.

To maintain a relationship with various candidates can be quite consuming and I believe she has excelled very well in performing and filling in her responsibilities.

If there is a special recognition, award or even a trip to Dubai she absolutely deserves it. If it was up to me I would happily give her a raise, but then again that’s why I have never been in a Director’s position.

You have a diamond team here Sally and I hope you are proud of each and every single one of them

Finally, I would also like to add Samantha into the mix as she did help initially make the onboarding process very smooth and helped from start to finish.